Dearest Emmie

Yours to hand od the 3rd inst. I am glad to know that you are enjoying yourself and I wish I was now filling Maude’s place but at present I suppose that cannot be. You say that you have been picking “don’t-you-forget-its” so I conclude that was the same flower d’ans l’envelope for which I thank you very much. (I will finish this tomorrow as the light is going out) Somebody has come in the nick of time with another candle so I will continue. I have been trying some songs over tonight and I have found a pro organist in the Batt who accompanies me very well. We have not moved and don’t think we are going to now. I dare say that I could act that sketch well with you in private what? We have been having rain and still more rain this last week but one good thing is that our “holy” roof has been repaired. I hope that concert goes well and wish I could be there but I will be with you in thought instead. I wish I could answer Maude by wireless but as that is not available I can only say that her wishes are reciprocated. By the time you receive this letter I dare say you will be home again so you must start work again and settle down to winter nights. I dare say you find a friend in Maude do you go out with her much?

Well my dear I will now close as it is practice time.

Fondest Love

From Yours Ever

Will xxx


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