Dearest Emmie

Yours to hand of the 9th inst. I am not on rugged rocks but the floor. We had a bit of a hail storm last week so perhaps it was the same as you were in. Strange you should meet someone you knew at Ilfracombe was it at Bournemouth last year that you met Palmers what’s-his-name? I don’t quite see why you would have said “Have you any letters for me” should you have met Mr Painter again. I just rumble now, letters to take down I presume. Glad to hear you were so well off as regards food we have plenty of bully beef & biscuits here if we run short. Four in a loaf today, the bread is made with more flour on Sundays \ little & good. The Batt is out now. The paper you send me is quite good enough for a Tommy or Billy in this case.

The news is very good lately as regards advancing and taking prisoners but when it comes to leave I don’t see where the 60,000 a day get across the Channel. Are there many knocking about on leave in London. The weather has changed again now and the Sun is shining once more. It is now Monday morning, just turned 9 o’cl so I guess you have just started work and by now the old machine is clicking. I can hear the one next door in the Orderly room going it, that reminded me of you. They still seem to be doing things on the western front I suppose they will stop and settle down for winter soon. Well my dear I must now close for practice.

With Fondest Love

From Yours Ever

Will xxx


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