Dear Emmie

We are having fairly fine weather on our few days rest and I think it will be only a few.

I received your letter with programme thanks; from it I guess you had a fairly decent evening. I think I told you that we had a good time one evening in an Estaminet, it was as good as an organised concert as nearly everybody got up and gave a song without pressing. I managed to get some choclet today but am sorry I can’t send you any. I also tasted some English choc: the other day but it was no good. Sorry you have no one to buy you “almond whirls” now but I don’t suppose you can get them now, what? None have gone on leave since we have been here and yet there are some 13 monthers but I suppose they will start going soon at a reasonable rate. How is the organ going on, I don’t supposed it is finished yet is it. I haven’t answered W.S.’s last letter yet I suppose I must write him a few lines. I also want to send one home so will conclude now with

Fondest Love

From Your Ever

Will xx



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