Dear Emmie

Yours to hand of the 16th inst received this afternoon. Sorry that I made that mistake again on field-card but I won’t do it again until the next time. It was quite unintentional. You know the old saying “reverse your dreams” well that is what Les had better do. I don’t suppose it will be many months before we all see Blightly again, perhaps for good, but I hope not in blues.

I didn’t recognise the picture of Trafalgar sqr. when I first looked at it but after a while I guessed. It doesn’t make a very good picture of a battle-field because of the strait walls standing and the traffic in the back-ground but do doubt it brought in a lot of money. You ask how many hundreds to go on leave before me: well there [are] 100 men over 10 months and they havn’t started yet. The 12 monthers are going now. I expect my next leave from France will be my first and last at least I hope so. Will I must close now so as to drop a line to Mable too.

Bon Nuit

Best Love

From Will xx.


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