Dear Emmie

I havn’t heard from you lately and the last letter was the first for six days. I suppose there must be something wrong with the post. The latest good news is that Turky and Austria have packed up it is only rumour so far but I think it is true this time.  There was another bump on yesterday and I think the line has gone forward a bit. It is very strange but when we came to this place there was a lot of gas about and old Jerry has gone back so far that we don’t need our respirators with us now. I had a fine time the other morning out riding. I was the Brig. Gens buglar and had to follow him all over the place. I and another chap (or visa versa?) were the only ones who would chance being thrown off a horse so we had a good ride although I must admit that I am a bit saddle sore.

I am glad to say that we are having jolly fine weather for the 2nd of Nov. I wonder if there will be any fireworks on the fifth; I guess there will out here.

How is Will L. going on. Does Mable say. The civilians here say that the Germans have no music and no pleasure for the troops such as we have: concert parties etc. They seem delighted with our band although it is only drum and fife. We have a tea party to the children last night the first they have had for some time I guess. The mail is up again but there is no letter for me. I hope you are alright and havn’t got the flu: I don’t think I go up the line next time at least I hope not. We had a fairly good time last time up and the least casualties of any batt in the brigade.

Dearest Emmie

It is the 5th Nov today: I have been unable to post this letter so that is why it is delayed. I have received no letter from you for quite a long time now but I am looking forward to an extra-special one for the next, if not, a bundle. I am in a nice house now but don’t suppose it will be for long. At any rate I hope we stop here tonight. This place used to be an Estaminet and there is a barrel of cider or something in the cellar but of course we don’t drink it in case old “jerry” has tampered with it. I think this place has been occupied by a German Major from one or two envelopes laying about. Our Batt has captured some guns and prisoners this time in (I don’t think it is against the rules to say so) so the Colonel will be pleased. He always likes taking guns although they are not always available. I am quite ignorant of the latest news but I dare say it is good. We all hope the war is over this month and I think it is possible. Some Germans captured by us did not know that Austria and Turky had given in and were quite surprised when we told them. It is surprising the number of Germans who speak English. There are not many of us who can gabble their “broag”. Well my dear I will conclude now hoping you are quite well


Your Ever Loving

Will xxx

P.S. Could not do cat and dog puzzle please show me the way


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