Dear Emmie

Yours to hand of the 4th inst. Thanks very much for the cigs. Merci aussi pour le powdre. I am not troubled very much as you suspect but we are occupying old German billits and they are not all très bon. Sorry to hear of the bad luck of your cousin it must be hard on his girl. I did not know Harold Day was wounded but it is not so bad in the knee, he might call it a cushy one. I read the extract from the paper and also similar from another paper and I think something will be done for apprentices. Please excuse me if I have not answered all your questions but I must perforce close.

Fondest Love

From Will xx

P.S. Please excuse writing as nib is going wrong.

P.S.S. I am moving on my own to a job down the base: It might be for two days or two months will let you know later.


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