Dearest Emmie

Now that the war is over or at least the fighting finished I have found an easy job well behind the line. I would have been much better it had come along about four or five months ago but now that the scrapping is na foo I am glad in one way that I have seen some of it and also done a little bit to wind it up. I am buglar at the 24 Div’s reception camp: that is where the men go to either going up or coming down the line. It is a kind of half way house. It was on the very last day of the fighting that I took this job over and of course if I don’t like it I will ask to be taken back to the Batt.

I do one day on and one off and always a night’s sleep so I should be alright.

You may guess that on the night of the 11th we had a bon time. We had a big bonfire of hay and straw which is not properly out now and two big carts were put on and also a lot of cordite and coloured lights. It is roumoured that we are gpoing back for about two months and then start demobolizing and I hope it comes off quickly too. Of course more men will be able to go on leave so I should be home about the end of Jan: As special arrangements are being made for demobilizing apprentices I hope to get off early in the new year. (and then I will make up for lost time.) You ask me if I still care as much for you, well when I get home I will show you. I hope you think I have stood the test well being away from you for so long a time. I am longing for the time when I can give you a pettit baiser a real one

From Your Ever Loving

Will xxx


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