Dearest Emmie

Just a few lines to let you know that I am going on alright with my new job. It does not seem true that the war is finished, it must be glorious in London now with all the lights on full. The rumour is that we are moving down the line but I don’t know how far or what for.

I am looking forward to either a leave or my ticket now so we won’t be long now. One regt. out here got so excited that they wouldn’t go on parade and boo’d the colonel: now they have 60 vacancies for leave taken away from them so I suppose our batt felt a little benefit. It’s silly to get revolting out here. I suppose I had better start saving for civvy life now I don’t think I have a much as a collar stud. Oh yes, I have a watch chain and a swastika to wear but of course I’ll want something to attach it too.  How is the organ going. Does it sound any better now. I can almost guess what it is Bertie thinks I will be surprised at but we gave been taught out here not to be taken by surprise. Ask him if he compres. Please excuse this paper but I will let you have some better next time if poss. Oh! For somebody to say good night to. I wonder if you care for me so much now do you? I hope so. What is happening to W Lowry now have you heard.

Well my dear au revoir

With Fondest Love

From Yours Ever

Will xxx


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