Dearest Emmie

Yours to hand of the 9th inst; received this evening. We are still at the same place and it looks as if we are to spend Xmas here. I have got over the hump and have settled down to the inevitable. We have started our classes, about one hour per day 11-12am and it certainly makes things more lively. All we are doing so far is simple fractions and a bit of reading. What I forget about is “square route” could you explain to me by a simple sum how it is done. The rations are certainly a bit better and perhaps in a way we come off better than you. When the canteen has it in we can buy Lyle’s Golden Syrup and I don’t suppose you get much of that. We can also get biscuits and sometimes chocolate and when these things are available they help us out with our rations. I do not [want] you to go without so as to send anything to me. I can guess how hard it is to get things and when I moan it is partly for the censor to read; it has made a difference and always does when we work together, “Oh this Green’n. As for being weary of writing to you I am sorry to think that you suggest it but I try to write something each time if it is only “With Love from Will”. It is impossible for you to imagine what little there is in our daily round to write about. One thing of importance is: the batt has opened a library and anyone with a book to spare gives it in and it is lent out instead of being lost. I would like you to get me a cheap edition of the “elusive pimpernel”. I have never read it but know it is good. I have read the “Scarlet Pimpernel”. I am now wanted to liven things up a bit with cornet so will write a bit more if poss tomorrow (Sunday!). I now have a book entitled “Roads of Destiny” by O.Henry. Have you read it? What do you think of our Regtl Christmas cards? We are able to but them at about ⅓ the cost price: the officers see to the rest. I am doing the duty of an organ at the church service this morning by performing on the cornet. There is a chap who sleeps two beds from me who is an everlasting grumbler he helps to make things dull. I think he is making himself ill through moping about, always thinking of home does it.

I am still longing for the time when I can be with you on my leave, if it is to be my ticket first all the better. (ça ne-fait-rien). Well my dear I must close now to get ready for church

With Fondest Love

From Your Ever Loving

Will xxx


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