Dear Emmie

In answer to yours of 14th inst and thank you for the Christmas Card. I think it is very pretty. By the time you receive this I dare say Christmas will be over and I hope you have a good time. I wish I could be with you, but perhaps I havn’t long to wait. We have had another little move in this village: I don’t know how long we are to stay in this place but I suppose we will be here until demobilisation starts. You must excuse the run of this letter as between nearly every word I am explaining fractions (another stop! light has gone out). We were shown two ways of proving sums this morning (French & Russian) not much use but rather interesting. The billit we were in before these were civvy’s and trois M’lles some billit. I guess you were wild about the parcel. I had one from home two days ago I guess the post office is busy. I have given my pen a clean and it certainly flows better now. Well I have no more to write about this time so will close with fondest love

From Yours Ever



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