Dearest Emmie

Thanks very much for parcel received yesterday the mince pies were tres bon. The writing pad will do very nicely thank you. I don’t mind what paper it is as long as I can let you have a line occasionally. The “loofa” will be just the right size for me to pack up, for every little thing has its place in the pack. I think every soldier ought to be able to make a small parcel by now. I had my paper from the labour exchange yesterday from the firm. It is now in the Orderly Room and I hope I havn’t many weeks to wait before a vacancy comes through for my district. I have had to give up book keeping as I don’t have sufficient time to keep it up what with guards and playing at dances etc. I don’t think I will send the nib along now, it is not going so bad now and I hope it is not long before I am able to change it myself in Blighty. Well I don’t think there is any more to write about now so I conclude.

Fondest Love from

Yours Ever Will


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