Pte W.M., Company E.100TR Bat.19 Platoon, Stationed at Talavesa Barracks, Wellington Lines, Aldershot
Dear Emmie

I am writing to you tonight, although I have not yet received an answer from my last. I thought it would [be] such a long time from Wednesday till Monday before you heard from me; but still, I expect a letter when I return to barracks this evening or at least tomorrow morning. I spoke to an officer today who knows Mr Avery and he asked me if I was happy in the Army; I said “yes” but of course I am not really what I would like to call happy; I think I would be if I did not have you to leave at home. Some people are funny in expressing themselves; and I am one. I would rather be unhappy for one year to enjoy perhaps many years at home with you. I am having really an ideal soldier’s life, especially in the band but I would rather have a ‘collar and tie’ on.

I have not time to write more, but I wish I could express my feelings for you, more in writing.

Yours With Fondest Love

From Will.

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