Pte W. Metcalfe 46534, E Coy 100 T.R.B., 19 Platoon, Talavesa Bks, Wellington Lns, Aldershot
Dear Emmie

This is the third attempt to write you this letter.  The Y.M.C.A. paper is no good.  I am glad to hear you are doing something to pass your long, lonely, lingering moments away.  Is it by chance “tuck” baskets you are learning to make.  I hope you will not have to work for your living when you are “old and feeble” as you say.  I heard that the Zepps’ were over again and wondered how you got on, but I am glad to hear you slept through it all.  It is a bad case about all those Germans sea planes which were over the other day.  I hope to see you next Sunday to help you with those songs of Mr Chapman’s and other nice things.  I am trying for leave and I hope I will get it.  I think all these boys who are deserting are stopping our leave.  Please do not forget to tell W.L.  not to get those buttons as we all have to wear brass ones.  I know you do not forget to do what I ask you, so please forgive me for writing in such a way.  (This is a bad nib)  I am glad to say that my tooth ache has stopped.  I think it must have been a cold I had because my tooth-ache went and my inside and limbs got rather stiff but it has worked off now.  I very often forget to ask you things in some of my letters; so I write them down directly I think of them; that is why they are perhaps jumbled sometimes.  I naturally, will be thinking of you Whit’ Monday and I hope you enjoy yourself as good as circumstances will allow.  I do not know exactly what we are doing tomorrow but I suppose it will be the usual.  I went to that church where those pretty bells were this morning to H.Com.  I was told by a corporal that I would not be allowed out before dinner; but you know the Army does not come first.  It was about the most interesting morning services I have ever heard.  Perhaps it was because I had not been in a real church for three weeks.  I am going again this evening so I will have to hurry up with this letter because it is now 5.30. and is a long way to walk.  It is now pouring with rain so I hope it will stop.  I know what I promised you and I did not forget xxx but I will try to make up for lost time when I get you in the parlour on your own; if you are still living in Rue d’tiber.  Have you thought of moving yet?  You know I do not make a lot of fuss in letters so I do not tell you all I should like to.  I like to be face to face with the genuing article you know it is a thousand times better.  There is something now I have forgotten to ask you but I may think of it next time I write.  Please remember me to all so I will now close Dear Emmie

Remaining Your ever loving

Will. xxxx

P.S.  What I was going to say is that I have read “A Roman Singer’ about Nino and Hedwig.  I think you had it some time ago.

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