Pte W. Metcalfe 46534, 19 Platoon, E Coy 100 T.R.B., Talavesa Barracks, Wellington Lines, Aldershot
Dear Emmie

I received your letter last night, last thing; and this is the first opportunity I have had to answer it.  When you speak of the "people in your street” and the “Zepps” it makes me think of the first time I was speaking to your Father and you ran up and caught hold of my arm.  By what you write I suppose you did not get my letter Saturday, as I wanted you to.  Did Mabel ask you if you would have liked to have come down Monday because Dad said he asked Mabel to ask you, and she said she thought you had settled about going to the ramble.  I do hope you enjoyed yourself.  The weather here is very hot now, but we had a thunderstorm last night which flooded us out.  About 6 acres were swamped with water, in some places it was knee deep.  In shallower parts boys were riding through it on bicycles.  Dear Emmie, if I do not get leave this weekend I would very much like to see you.  I put in my pass today but I do not know wether it will be washed out or not.  Will you feel safe if you come by yourself ?  Do not get frightened if you get a letter with “Urgent” written on it.  I will post one on Friday so as you will get it Saturday.  I did take Communion last Sunday as you will see by my other letter; and I also went in the evening.  I enjoyed the services very much.  I went to Church parade 9 o’clock Sunday morning so you see I nearly had a “Perfect day”.  I am sorry to hear of your bad news; do you think your Mother and Father will be back by Saturday.  On Monday I could not get a pass till four o’clock to go out with Mum & Dad so I took “French leave” at 1.30.  Nobody knew and nothing was said.  We went to the pictures and saw the “Beast”.  Do you remember it at the Rink.  Today we have had an easy time nothing but practice and not much of that.  This morning our sergeant major went round all the rooms and saw food in some of the cup-boards.  He said we were not to have any in the barrack rooms, but you know there are always a lot of rules which are never carried out.  By the way: I received that letter I said I expected when I got home that evening last Friday.  You see how well I am getting to know you.  I will have to close now as I am playing a bugle call in about half an hour called the “retreat” it is played twice a week; generally on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Yours very Lovingly 

Will xxx

P.S.  About a fortnight ago we all went to school & had Arithmetic, Dictation, and Composition.  About 20 passed out of 150 and I was one of the little number.  All the others have had to go to school four times this week.

I will let you know as soon as poss if I am coming up this week.  You can get your P.T in case my pass does not go through.

Leave about 12 noon 2/6/17 to 11.55pm 3/6/17

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