Metcalfe 46534
Dear Emmie

I arrived at Aldershot about 11.15pm and reported at the “Guard room” at 11.35 o’clock.  I felt rather tired and I soon got to my room.  Before I lit the gas one of the boys was awake and gave me a letter from W.L.  I am writing this at 10.45am so I hope you will get it today.  I hope that you have ‘gained heart’ again by now as I know it is very hard at the parting.  I must say that I had the best time yesterday that I have had for a month.  It makes me feel happy to think so confidently that you are so true to me; I will always be so to you.  We have had band practice this morning and I like it ever so much better now that I have my cornet.  There are four down here now and I think we will soon get a decent tune.  There was one thing that I was sorry I forgot and that was to thank your Mother personally for those eatables; you might let her know for me please?  I will have to close now as it is turned 11 o’clock; I will write more next time.

With very Best Love 

Will xxxx

P.S. Some body came down here for me yesterday with Will Bedhurst (Mayne).  I do not know who it was.

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