Pte W. Metcalfe 46534, (Band) 19 Platoon, E Coy 100 T.R.B., Talavesa Bks, Wellington Lines, Aldershot
Dear Emmie

I did not receive your letter till this afternoon as I missed the first “post call”.  I did not feel too warm when the train started: most of the boys in my carriage had road passes and were going back by train.  I had read that cutting from the “Star”; the boys pinned it up on the “Notice board” amid many cheers.  I did not think you were anything of what you sujest; in fact “giving way” makes one feel all the better for it afterwards.  I do not think I have ever been “fickle” or am becoming it and another thing there is nothing to be fickle about down here.  I think, in fact I know I have made up my mind whom I am going to think first-of-all, for.  We will not be moving this week and if you think of coming down at any time, next week 10/6/17 if you like you ought to know that I will be more than pleased to have you with me if only for a few hours.  If you decide next week, please let me know the train you are coming by.  Are you any more comfortable at your office now.  You may depend I will try all I can for passes but they have stopped all now so there is not much chance yet a while.  I feel no pain at all from my arm but a lot of the boys are going sick.  I went for my photographs last night but some how they were spoiled and will not be ready until Thursday.  Today we all went to a lecture given by a doctor, upon how to keep clean and fit in the Army.  I dare say those who listened gained some good advise.  This afternoon I took charge of a party of the band and when passing an officer saluted him and said “eyes left” instead of right.  I don’t think he noticed it.  I have started to read that book and like it very much; I have given up “Old Curiosity Shop” it is too dry.  I think we will soon be having route marches; I do not know if I will be able to dodge them at all.  I am not going out down town tonight, I am writing this in the barrack’s reading and writing room and there is a general hubbub.  I cannot think of any more to say now so I will now close.

With my fondest love

To my sweetheart Emmie xxx

P.S.  Please note “Band” in my address.  I think I will not have to wait so long for my letters.

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