Pte W. M. 46534
Dear Emmie

Please excuse anything wrong with this letter, as I am supposed to meet some others of the band in a minutes time. We have had two distributions this evening and I have been lucky each time in receiving a letter. Dear Emmie you must not get tired of London and want to join any form of N.S. I have heard one or two tales of girls who have signed on and it has done them no good. I might say I was getting tired here only I do not like to think of it. Although I have the Army all round me, I often shut my eyes and fancy you are by me. The reason I dodged the swimming baths was because we had to go in our own time which meant going without anything to eat from 12 noon to 7pm rather a long time for me. I did not tell you why I am in such a hurry. We (five of the band) are giving two turns in a concert at a YMCA this evening about 7 o’clock and it is now ten to. I did not write to say I wanted one of your photo’s but I thought you would know that without my asking, it is so much better I think. I am writing this so as you will have the pleasure (?) of meeting the postwoman tomorrow morning. I did not go out on night operations last night but went to bed instead. I am sorry I have no time to write more as I fear I am keeping the others waiting.

I close now hoping that you are not troubled with air raids any more.

With Best Love


P.S. Please remember me to all at home and to your Aunt if you see her.

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