Pte W. M. 46534
Dear Emmie

I am writing this just before going to church. It is now 5.45p.m. and there is a post collection in about an half an hours time. The weather today has been unbearable. I has been so hot that I was too lazy to go to Bible class to play some hymns for them this afternoon. I went to Church Parade this morning and we played “A Perfect Way” on the band for a voluntary. Besides the hymns we played the “vinite” which went very well for the first time. Last night I wrote a letter to Mrs Way and W.L. and also a post-card to Mabel.

One of the boys in our rooms is being transferred into the Flying Corps. He has done no drills or parades for a fortnight and yet he has been given no leave. He was expecting at least a week; rather a disappointment for him. After Church Parade we were given a lecture by the Colonel and he told us we were going to start having our four days “recruits leave” in about a fortnights time. Those who have been “defaulters” or who have have any black marks against their names will be last or even stand a chance of going without their leave. Those who have had leave already will come next I think. I do not know whether mine will come before or after August 4 but I will make sure it does not come on that date. I have heard all sorts of rumours that we are moving this week, but nothing officially has been said. I cannot say how I am longing to see you again; this life gets rather monotonous, it is so much the same every day that I hardly know what to write about. How are the photos’ going on; I am longing to see one. I had my dinner in today, the first time for about four Sundays. It consisted of cold meat and celery (alive with maggots) and a half a slice of bread. For after we had about one table-spoon-full of custard and rhubarb. Some Sundays dinner. How is Mr C’s “j’une demoiselle” going on. (excuse spelling). The church bells are now peeling so I will now finish with my

Very Best Love

Xxx From Votre garçon Will

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