Pte W. Metcalfe 46534
Dear Emmie

I quite understand why you did not write Sat: we had a thunderstorm as I said before and I think it was the worst I have yet experienced.  I believe that a thunderbolt dropped in our barracks.  It only lasted about 20 mins. here but that was bad enough.  We had no hailstones and the drops of rain were as big as five-shilling pieces.  I think the band is going to have leave separately from the company and if so I should think it would be before August 4th.  I like that programme I think it is the best the “Mish” has ever had.  It is rather a long time “next Friday week” to wait for your photos, but send one down as soon as possible won’t you.  How did you sit?  In what dress. Etc.  Rather funny Mr Clark should bring you flowers as well as his young lady; what would she say if she knew? I think Mr Clark is in a hurry I did not think he was getting married yet. I had a letter from Mr Avery yesterday and I think he is coming to see me Saturday next. I think the band is going to have some special physical training and musketry but I don’t suppose it will be very hard.  You must forgive me for what I said on that P.C. about writing too much. I didn’t really mean it. I am sorry but I will have to close now, I do not like to waste white paper in war time but “cookhouse” has blown and it means another two mins on my tea. It is not much but it stays the worms.

Is there any damage done near Islington with bombs.

I now close

With much love Will xxx

P.S. How do you like “crest” on note paper. If you do not like it I will not use it.


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