Pte W. M. 46534
Dear Emmie

I am not becoming patriotic but economic; It is not a waste to write on paper but I thought I was going to leave a blank page. It has not been hot at all here for two days; we have had a lot of rain. Dear Emmie I thank you for the stamps I found them as you said. I did not think of them until I had stuck the envelope down. I am sorry to hear Mr Zunfus is wounded; I hope it is not serious. I hope you will not have 4 days work on hand when I come home. I hope to get my four days from 7 July; how would you like that? It will be on a Saturday so you will not be absent from work so long as if it was the week. I would like you to make half the programme out as to how I am to spend the time. (If I get it) This date is not official. What do you think of the rebellion in Austria; I hope it helps to bring the end of this conflict nearer. I am glad I am not getting my time to see the Bazzar because I want you all to myself while I have the chance. One of the boys in my room said that he would not mind waiting for a month for his leave because if he had it first he would not feel satisfied at seeing all the others go home. As it happens he is one of the first but of course he does not mind. Kings X road is rather near I hope they get no nearer (zepps). How is your Father going on for potatoes. Has Leslie got a new job? I know I will hear from you first that is why I ask you.

I now close

With Best Love Will xxxx

P.S. I did not notice it but I meant to write this on a piece of 100 T.R.B. paper. I will next time as you seem to like it.


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