Pte W. Metcalfe 46534
Dear Emmie

I received your letter this morning, also one from Mum and WL. If my time was to come during your holidays I would not take it until later, but there are 99 chances to 100 that I will be home before, if not on 21 July. What do you think my main reason is for wanting to get home? It is to be with you as long as I possibly can. You say “fancy those boys crying” at just an officer leaving us; this is not an isolated case, I have heard of the same thing happening in other companys beside our own. I know it must be very lonely for you by yourself at home but I do not like the way you write about me not caring for you. I should think you know whether I do or not. If you have nothing more particular on I would very much like you to come down on Sunday in case it is a long time before I get leave. I think the weather is changing for good but if it was bad I would not expect you. It would be a waste of time standing about all the time. By the way; did you get that fare returned from last time. “Musketry” is learning all the parts and actions of a rifle. For instance: when a bullet is fired the wind may blow it out of its course so you have allow for that. I have not been night marching yet, but our company has been twice; they are also going again tonight but I will dodge it some how. I am sorry for Ethel Hill but I cannot say that I remember her young man. I hope the Bazaar is a success next Saturday. I wish I was holding a stall like last year. The “Cook House” has just sounded so I will have to finish now.

With Best Love Will xxx


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