Pte W. Metcalfe 46534
How did the Bazaar go off last Sat. It was last Sat wasn’t it?

Dear Emmie

I received your letter about .30 this afternoon and it is now 4.15. It was rather hard luck that you did not get that refund. I don’t suppose you will forget the next one [  ]. I did not misunderstand that paragraph, but I felt rather “down in the dumps” at the time of writing. I am longing to see you. I quite understand why you will not be able to come down on Sunday I am sorry to hear that your Mother is unwell; you must look after her. About next Sunday; under the circumstances you will not be able to get away and the weather down here is rather bad. I do not think it would be worth coming down next Sunday week as I am expecting to be home the week after that. I am sorry I could not make it July 28 but all the band has to go at once. I am (not) supprised to hear such conduct of W.L. I suppose it means him “joining up” now. It will not do for him to even look cross at a lance corporal in the Army (unless he is going to be an officer.) I did not know that Will Mayne was home for his 4 days leave, he is lucky. These last two days I and all the others who passed their examination at school had to go again. We had an exam on Wednesday and I passed (It was simple as ABC) and we are going to have one again on Saturday I think. I rather doubt passing this one as I think “book keeping” is one item. I think I am getting on a little better with the cornet. I am now in an orchestra and am going to practice tonight. I have not been out of barracks since Sunday. We are doing “Musketry” in the day and Band Practice in the evening in our own time. I do not mind it, but some of the boys do not like it. Please tell W.L that I will write him as soon as I get time. I have not had much this week and am likely to get less next.

I now close

With Best Love Will xxx

P.S. I liked that piece of poetry very much.

P.S.S I think I would receive a letter as you say. Try it!


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