Pte W. Metcalfe 46534
Dear Emmie

I received your letter this evening and thank you very much for the photo. You asked me what “I really think to it”. It is rather a large smile but I like it very much all the same. As I looked at it before I read the letter I said to one of the boys that I thought you had been having a “lark” with the camera man. As I write this no doubt you are enjoying yourself at the bazaar. I hope it is going well. You will be able to tell me in answer to this. Does it mean that W.L. will have to join up now he is out of work. I am asking you because I have not had time to write to him this week. Next week we go through our firing course and rise at 4a.m. so I do not know if I will be able to write to you as we are not allowed out of barracks. Of course I will write you a letter as usual if possible but if you do not receive one from me by Wednesday, please write again. This morning I had fifteen rounds on the short range and came third best shot in the band. I hope to beat that next week if possible. I have only been to the pictures once since I went with Mum on Whit Monday and I only saw two-and-a-half for my 4d then. I hope the next fortnight goes like this last week has gone, for it has flown by. The “orchestra” is made up of two or three of the band, some violinists and flute-ists and is conducted by the Drum-Major: (better understood by you perhaps as Bandmaster.) I have no more to say now but will have when I see you so I now conclude hoping you are all well at home

With Best Love Will x


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