Pte W. Metcalfe 46534
Dear Emmie

I thank you very much for three letters, especially the last one; I got it Sunday morning or rather after dinner when the Sunday post was given out. I was wondering how you got on as the paper said “north London” but somehow I felt that you would be alright. I am glad to hear you are getting on so well at tennis; I should think you must have ached after beating a champion player. (I suppose that’s what you meant he was) I would have written you on Friday last had I had time only we did not get into barracks until after the last collection. I got on fairly well with the firing but I am glad it is over for a bit because I do not like the march. About B.G’s engagement! don’t you think it was his own fault, I would not let anyone guide me to do such a thing if I was in his position. I am sorry to hear about Mr Pennington “going under” it seems as if we are loosing most of our best men.

We do not exactly go from 7.30 to 4pm without food because we are searved with day rations, a piece of cake, which, if we do not eat it after breakfast to stay our hunger we have it about noon. Another thing about this cake is that when finding it was too bad for human consumption we gave it to some gypsy children and they would not eat it. Will you please tell Mr Warder that as I am likely to be home next week I will not be writing to him. If I do come home next Saturday would you like me to tell you what time I arrive in London, or would you like to have a little supprise. Mrs Flowers has also asked me down for a day when I am up and I could take you; but I do not think there would be time do you? Would you let me know exactly what happened at Dean St. I hope none of the machines are damaged. I went to the pictures last night with two other boys and in the middle of one the main picture they stopped and gave out the notice that 4 enemy machines were brought down. I will now conclude trusting by God that you will always be safe from air raids.

With Love From Your Sweetheart Will xxx


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