16 Tiber St
Dear Will

In answer to yours, while I am writing this, there is great consternation going on outside, someone has come along with the rumour, “they are over the coast”, people are so terrified now at every sound, poor things there minds cannot settle on anything but air raids. I said everything was alright at the shop didn’t I, the machines & the young ladies are all safe. Your dad had a piece of the bomb that fell & he took it to the Police Station & they told him he was under a penalty of £150 if he had not handed it over to the police. The guns are going now, I expect it is practice. I think I should like to know what time you will be home on Saturday Will, so tell me. I know you are coming so I shall not be surprised. It would be nice if we could go to see Mrs Flower, but as you say there would not be very much time, we should have to go for the day & it would have to be Sunday, but please yourself I’m game, if you would like to go. I spent my Sat. eve. Not like you, but waiting in a sugar queue in Story St next to some filthy dirty women. I felt as if I could fly from them, & after waiting over an hr. and spending 2/6 I got ½ lb of sugar. I do not know very much about B.G’s affair but personally I think he was influenced. Well, it is time I prepared to go to work once more. I do not know if anything is going to happen, I have just heard, they are sending the people home from the City. I don’t suppose it is true, but I will let you know always as soon as I possibly can, after anything has happened, that we are all safe in York Rd & Tiber St. I will now close

With best and truest Love from Emmie x


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