Pte W. Metcalfe 46534
Dear Emmie

I received your most welcome letter this afternoon, and I hope there was no air raid as people expected yesterday. I am glad to hear everything is alright at the shop but I have not had a letter from anybody at home just to say that they are safe; how would I go on if I hadn’t you to write to me?

About next Saturday! You know in the Army there is a lot of doubt, and “wait and see” sort of business so I do not know for certain that I have leave yet, but will let you know as soon as possible. All the other boys on leave have started for London by the 6.30 train therefore arriving before 8.00 which I dare say would had given you a surprise, but now I think they are catching one about 10 o’clock. By your letter I should think sugar is very hard to obtain; we don’t get much of it here. When I come home I will bring some army cake if I have any just to show you what it is like. This afternoon I am doing nothing as I have to parade a 6 o’clock for band practice. I think the band is playing at Officers’ mess on Thursday so we will have a feed. I have not had enough for either break-fast or dinner today so I hope we get something substantial for tea. I often wonder if you are wondering if I am wondering if you are wondering if I am wondering what you are wondering. I wonder if it is about me. (Got me !?)

The weather today is fine and I hope it keeps the same if I come up this week.

If I know for certain and have time I think I will ask Mr & Mrs Flowers to come to my place Sunday evening.

With Most Affectionate Love Will xx


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