Allington House
Dear Will

Thanks for letter, we are having a most enjoyable time & splendid weather, I am going to take Mabel rowing this afternoon, it is lovely where we are staying some very nice boarders & when we go up to roost we have such fun, you see there is a fellow in the next room to ours & the wall between is only a wooden partition & he can hear all we say, he was talking to us early this morning & then we do morse code on the wall. I am enjoying myself as there are plenty of Australians down here & we can have a pal if we want one, two or 3 have spoken to us, one said “let me hold your hand darling”, & then the 3 of them followed us a long way & kept talking to us. I shall have a lot to tell you Will, on Sunday. Wouldn’t it be grand if you were with us, I only wish you could come. I hope dear you enjoy Bank Holiday. By the way I solved the postscript, & I am sure I am not envious in that case. I will tell you of our adventure & several others on Sunday. It is very hot today, what kind of weather are you having at Aldershot? Well I have no more to say, or rather write, just now, but send me a line as soon as you possibly can. (I did not like that sentence in your letter, about my being bored Will, you must not say that, or I shall think you are taking things lightly. You know perfectly well I am not bored. I will let you know when I am. Well I will now close with fondest love from your Sweetheart Emmie xxxx

P.s I am not having anything to do with the soldiers or any other boys Will down here, there is only one for me you know.


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