46534 Bandsman W. Metcalfe, 100 T.R.Batt, Band Hut, Albuhera Bks, Stanhope Lines, Aldershot
Dearest Emmie

I received your letter this afternoon and while the others are cleaning their instruments I am writing this. I hardly ever clean my cornet because being silver (colour) it does not go so dull as brass. I am glad to hear the weather has changed: it is fine here now and will be alright for you to come down on Sunday if it does not change again. I am glad to hear you are enjoying yourself and that you are not taking on another boy. Yesterday there was a fair in those gardens where I went with you once 6d entrance fee: but a man gave me his “pass out” ticket and I passed in with it. One game they had for the public was kissing in the ring. The boys and girls formed a ring and just by tapping one another on the shoulder there was a chase ending with a kiss in the ring. Needless to say I did not join in. There are a lot of Americans here and you may guess they had a big hand in the game. This evening we are playing on our lawn just for the benefit of the batt: tomorrow afternoon for the V.T.C. and Thursday at Officer’s Mess so we are full up for a little while. Well my darling I am longing to see you so I hope I am not disappointed Sunday.

With Best Love. Will xx


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