Bandsman W. Metcalfe 46534, Aldershot
Dear Emmie

I received your letter last night at 7 o’clock and also a card from Brighton this morning. I did the galant last Friday evening and had that tooth out. I didn’t do any work yesterday but I went out with the band to church this morning. You ought to see me now I look twice as fat (in the face) as when you saw me last. I havn’t heard from home for some time now so I know nothing of Mum and Dad coming down. I want you to come next Sunday and if I hear from home about their coming down I will get them to put it off for a week. Upon you alone do I rely for letters which keep my spirits up so I want you first. This time I have nearly an hour and a half for my “own dear self” to write to you so I ought to fill two pages with writing. This afternoon at 3,o’cl we are going to play at the Officer’s club and I think we get a tea so I hope it’s decent. I know a nice quiet place, where there are pleanty of black-berries, to go to next Sunday so I hope the weather keeps fine for us. Last night I went to the pictures and saw a piece called “The slave market” which was very good. I hope you have enjoyed your day at Brighton; I suppose you didn’t go in the sea again but if the weather there is the same as here you will have had a fine time. Last Sunday night we had a very heavy storm, did you get any of it in London. I do not think there is more to write now my “darling” you know how I love you so I will conclude.

With Best Love Will .

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