16, Tiber St
Dear Will

In answer to your most welcome etc I am pleased to hear you’ve had your tooth out. one good thing that peg will not trouble you again. Now Will, if your ma & pa say they will be coming next Sunday, they must not be put off. I shall not come if they want to, it would not be right and besides I could not enjoy myself if I knew they were stopping at home for me, and I have seen you since they have, so if you would like to please me, I ask you not to say anything about my coming, I will come the Sunday after that, Sept. 2nd. do not forget now. I shall not like it if you put them off, of course if nothing more is said, I will come next Sunday. I had a very nice time at Brighton, the weather was lovely, young Bertram is enjoying himself, he goes bathing morning & afternoon. I hope you had a nice tea at the officers club after all. Do you go to Communion every Sunday morning now? Keep in mind the nice spot you have discovered where the black-berries are, if I come Sund. Fortnight, they will be blacker still. I expect the reason you have not heard from home , is that your pa has been busy, he only came home last Tuesday & your Mother being away, she has not had too much time to share, but cheer up they think none the less about you I am certain. I am writing this letter at business so that it will catch the 12.30 post, so let me know if you get it today, last time you got it the same evening. I will now close with Best Love from your sweetheart Emmie x

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