16, Tiber St
Dear Will

In answer to yours received this afternoon. Do not say “I suppose I will have to give in to you” there is no need for that, you know I would like to come this week but you must see what I mean. Besides, one week will not make much difference to wait. I do not know yet what you Pa & Ma are going to do, I have asked Mabel several times but she says she does not know, However some of us will be there Sunday, so be at the station in any case, either to meet me or yore Pa & Ma. I am looking forward to come while the nice weather lasts, and if you are moved especially to Felixstowe I shall not be able to come & see you at all, as it is necessary to obtain a passport, have your photo taken & report to the nearest Police Station, Felixstowe being a military town, rather a rigmarole don’t you think, let us hope you will not be sent there or Harwich. We had an air raid warning this morning; The sirens were sounded & all the girls went to the cellar underneath the railway, we stayed there about 1½ hrs. This cellar holds about 200 but it is a dingy hole, it was rather funny, some individual had conceived the idea that it was the wine cellar we were to shelter in, what a surprise we had, it contained, empty ginger beer bottles, dripping bins, cabbages & anything but wine, the only tendency to that was a beery smell, however it is positively safe. Most of the public went to the tubes, “some” excitement you can guess. They did not reach London, but I hear there were a great number over Felixstowe, I do not know if this is correct. Last night there was a Zepp raid over the Lincolnshire coast, they are getting sprightly again. I have not heard the good news from France, tell it me, it is not often we get good news. I am sorry to hear you had such a hard day yesterday, whatever was happening, you seem to get along alright in the concert line, by the way do you play at that theatre still, you have not said anything about it. I do not know if you remember me telling you about a weekly Traffic statement I have to make out every week, but last week I nearly got my notice to quit, it is rather a difficult concocture (?) & somehow I happened to be £6000 out, the statement was signed and passed to the accountants Dept. before it was noticed too, when it came back for correction, I discovered I had entered that amount in the Increase column instead of the decrease column, & hence the amount to much. However alls well that ends well, the matter is forgotten now, but I had to apologise etc. to the gentleman it inconvenienced as it delayed his summary somewhat. I know what I have been going to ask you, have you had any more innoculations lately, & also have you written to Mr Warder? I am going to the Mish. to night. & I feel somehow he will say something of you, so if you have not written, do not forget when you have a little time to spare. You know Craddock, the boy who lives 2 or 3 doors from you, I saw him last night & he does look a swell. I do not know what he is in, but he had a sort of naval uniform, bespattered with Gold Braid, W. Lowry said he had got a commission so I suppose that would mean he was a naval officer, do you think so? Well I have no more to relate at present; I hope you will not get tired reading all my scribble, but I like to tell you all that happens somehow, whether you consider it interesting or not I do not know. I will close now,

Remaining your Emmie, Till the sands of the desert grow cold xx

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