Bandsman W. Metcalfe 46534, Aldershot
Dear Emmie

Thanks for letter received this afternoon. Have I to wait till 1.p.m. Sunday for to know whether I am to see you or not? I dare say you will be able to let me have a P.C. or something just to set me at ease. Did you see anything of the lightening last night; it lasted from about 9.p.m. last night until after 3 AM. this morning. It was so great that we thought there was a big raid on. Somebody said they had seen a dispatch rider from London and he was supposed to have left London while the raid was in progress. It was quite a relief when we saw by the paper this morning that it was lightning. I shouldn’t think it was very nice being in that cellar, was it? I am glad there was not a raid. They don’t seem to be able to get to London now, but if we go to Felixstowe I reckon we’ll have a lively time. In France we have captured a lot of prisoners and ground and it is supposed to be the best move we have gained out there. I or rather “we” have not taken that theatre stunt on again (excuse my army slang) but I always find pleanty else to do. I should think you would be retireing with that £6,000 but you must be careful not to do the railway company out of too much. I don’t think you need have apologised to the accountant because without mistakes he would not be wanted.  Have not had any innoculations lately and also I have not written to Mr Warder but I will do when I get time. I think Craddock must be in the wire-less what I tried to get in, but somehow I feel as if I am as well off here. The band is being replaced by the orchestra at Officer’s Mess so I will be there tonight. Tomorrow all the band start messing together so I do not know how we will be dining or how much we will get. I am still hoping to see you Sunday. You don’t know how much I want you and another thing, your letters are never too long for me to read. Well! I conclude now, Best Love. Will. xx

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