16, Tiber St
Dear Will

In answer to yours, I shall be coming on Sunday if the weather is fine. It is very dull here to-day & it rained yesterday but I hope the sun will be shining on Sunday. Mother & Bert come home tomorrow, I shall not be sorry either. Will & I stayed at the door watching that lightening until 10.30, most people were out in our street, they seemed quite concerned about it, some said it was signalling & naturally expected trouble, but the papers settled all doubts next day. Maude is away for a fortnight again at Horsham. I am going swimming tonight with another girl at work a Mabel. “Some splash” there will be when we arrive, Excuse this notepaper, but I am writing this at work & beggars cannot be choosers, it is the best I could find, well I have no more to write this time, so I will close, hoping to see you Sunday.

Best love from Emmie xx

(PS It is raining here now.)


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