16 Tiber St
Dear Will

Thanks very much for the china. I like it, it is supposed to be a thistle, very pretty too. So you had it fine after all, I was thinking about you all. Glad you are able to come home Sept.14th, is it going to be a weekend, or only for the day? I went to the Opera House, Sta. evening with Maude, they have pictures there now, and I spent a most enjoyable evening. Mr Warder told me he heard from you on Saturday. I was rather surprised, but I cannot say why I should have been. I am writing this at work. I have another young gentleman for the fortnight in the office with me, we sit all day and say not a word. I’m becoming quite like a mouse, there is more work done as a result though. Well I will conclude now, with

Love from Emmie

PS. My people wish to be remembered.


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