Bandsman W Metcalfe 46534 Aldershot
Dear Emmie

On opening your letters lately they make me disappointed to see so much white paper left. Haven’t you any detail which might fill up a line or haven’t you much time. I am glad you liked the goss; are you shure you wouldn’t have preferred a model boat or a soldier’s cap? I was thinking of you last Sunday as it was such a fine day and I wished you were with me. I am rather doubtful about Sept 14th so I suggest that you come down next Sunday if the weather keeps fine. I hope it is not too much for you. If I do manage to get away it will be the 14th or 15th as hey only allow 48 hours special leave. You see I have been transfered into another company and the captain is rather mean about leave. One boy wants leave to see his brother who is home from the front and he cannot get it till the week-end when his brother might be gone back. How you do some work at the office what did you used to do? Is Mr Black on his holidays or his honeymoon. This officer of C. Company wants the C. Company bandsman to draw rifles so there is some trouble about doing two mens work. Yesterday we went out at 9am with six biscuits and did not get back for dinner till 4 o’clock. For a change I am going out to tea today so will now “pack up” and get washed and cleaned up. Emmie Dear, I am always longing for you, do you always feel the same for me. I cannot think of more to write now so will conclude

With Fondest Love


PS. Please excuse writing as the paper is bad.


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