16 Tiber St

How sad I am, I could not come. I was all ready, my sandwiches cut too, and then the rain came and lasted so long, so I could not start. It has been a miserable day, so dull and showery, I’ve been wondering if it was fine at Aldershot. You must try and get leave for the 14th.

Have been seeing all the Russians (men only) leaving the country this evening at Euston, there were myriads of them, and a great deal of unrest you may be sure. They were hissed and booed awful, of course there were the hooligans about and when Maude and I left Euston the hooligans shouted out that we were Russians been to see the menfolk off and they prepared to round on us, there were about 40 of them. I’ve never been so frightened so I shouted out We are English, then they cheered and let us go on triumphantly, what experiences we do have in war time, it is surprising.

Well the hour is approaching bed time, bye the way, we had a bit of a warning this afternoon and had to let our kiddies out of Sunday School about 3.30, another piece of excitement. The all clear signal was given though shortly after. Well write to be quick and tell me a lot.

Fondest love, from your



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