Bandsman W Metcalfe 46534, (Band Hut) 100 T.R.B., Albuhera Barracks, Stanhope Lines, Aldershot
Dear Emmie

Thanks for yours of the 6th inst; I think it was a good thing you didn’t come down today as it has been raining again. When you didn’t turn up as I half expected, I was disappointed a little although in a way I had been hoping that you wouldn’t come. Yesterday and Friday were both fine days so I was looking forward to something. These things can’t be helped so I hope to see you next Friday if I get a pass. I am starting tomorrow to see if my cause is sufficiently important that I should get the said pass and if so it would give me so much pleasure if you would be so kind as to obtain permission to be absent from your office for an afternoon on the said Friday so as by your sweet company my leave would be made more enjoyable than if you could not etc etc etc. (all in one breath) I hope I have made my meaning quite plain to you. I am very sorry to hear of Harry Lawford’s death; one trouble always seems to be succeeded by another as in the case of the Fowlers. We all went to church this morning on church parade; you know we generally have a service in a field. I am going to night at 6.30 it is six o’clock now. It seems quite a long time since I went to a Sunday evening service. This afternoon I have been to orchestra practice trying over some new pieces.

I will now conclude

With Finest Love

Will xx


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