Bandsman W. Metcalfe 46534, Band Room No 5., 256 Infantry Batt., Googerat Barracks, Colchester
Dear Emmie

We are at last in our new barracks as you can see by the address. I don’t know if you can pronounce “Googerat” or not it sound rather funny. If you have received my card you will know how near I was to you this morning and you can imagine my feelings seeing Ye Olde York Rd, Caledonian Rd ect. We have to be very careful with the lights and all the boys are all in bed so I will have to be closing but will write more in my next letter. We got up at 2.30 this morning so I feel tired.

Will now close. With Best Love

To my Darling


P.S. Please excuse paper as I wanted to write to you. Please write soon.


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