16, Tiber Street, King’s Cross, London N1
Dearest Will

Thanks for letters etc, it seems some time since I wrote to you. Do you like St. Botolphs any more than Aldershot. Rough luck, passing so near home, had I known perhaps I should have been there to wave to you. Is the band still in existence, you said something about the probability of it breaking up as you were all leaving. I notice in the address there is an addition, “256. Infantry Battn”. What does this mean? Will I thought about going to a Christadelphien meeting on Sunday evening with Mabel & Will, I have heard one or two points about it, & I feel a bit interested & I [hope]/believe there is some truth in it, it makes me very unsettled sometimes, especially after what I have heard, so I am going to this meeting. Have you heard anything of it at all from Will? Are your barracks very far from the station this time? I like the large photograph much better, it is clearer. Have you written to Mr Chapman re. coming to the service yet? I hope you can manage it. I like to see your dear old face as often as I can. The figure in the corner is a Swastika sign, & is considered to be a lucky mascot, hence the adoption, perhaps it will bring you home oftener, or it even might end the war, one never knows. Mrs Shovell, next door says the war will not last much longer, she said when America gets pulled up a bit & her aeroplanes are ready, all the Allies & America are going to send about a thousand aeroplanes over to Germany & the war will end with a battle in the air, theres a bit of news for you dear. I am going to post this at 12.30, I wonder if you will get it this evening, let me know will you, & tell me all about the place where you are stationed now, that is if you know anything of it. Mabel & I enrolled for evening classes last night, Tuesdays as last year. I don’t suppose I shall have anyone to meet me this winter. You used to come last year did’nt you. Well I have no more to tell you just now, do you like the colour of tis notepaper?

I will close now hoping you are quite happy and have plenty to eat.

From your Loving Lass Emmie xxxxxxxxxxxx


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