Bandsman W Metcalfe 46534, Band Room No 5, 256 Infantry Batt., Googerat Barracks, Colchester
Dear Emmie

I am now in a Christian Science room writing to you. St Botolphs adjoins Colchester which are both fairly busy places. You ask me if the band “is still in existence” Well I don’t think it will be after today. I think we have all got to parade with our companies tomorrow; some bandsmen who are unfit have been attached to us, so we will not be needed. The Brigadeer General here is very strict and he see’s that every-body who is A1 goes abroad. I am going to be less than A1 if I can manage it. I don’t exactly know what 256th IB. means but we are in that instead of the T.R.Bs. We still wear “hat buttons”. You speak of going to this Christadelphian meeting with Mabel; well I hope you are not prevented from our Church. I have not heard from Will yet. Do you mean W.L. Our barracks are about two miles from the station (Colchester) and one from the trams, which we can ride on anywhere for 1d. I have not written Mr Chapman yet but if the band does not stand, I will get leave to bring my cornet home. I would like all your letters headed with a Swastika: as you say it “might” end the war. I hope Mrs Shovell’s conclusions are right about the war not lasting much longer. I did not get your letter till late Saturday or else I would have answered it before. I hope you get on well at evening classes and I also wish I could come and meet you as last year. I keep my spirits up enough to keep me from a break down. I cannot be what I call happy hear and we get a fair amount to eat but not so much as Aldershot.

Please remember me to your people and also to my own as I do not get much time to write. I always like writing to to though.

Well my dear I will now conclude

Best Love Will xxxx


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