16, Tiber St
Dearest Will

Thanks for letter. I do not feel quite so cheered after reading the contents this time. In the first place I am sorry to hear about the band disolving, now I take it you will have to do those horrid route marches. Well, although I should not like anything to be very much wrong with you, I hope you succeed in trying not to be A1, for I really do not like to think of you going abroad. Are you not in the Training Reserve then, what do you call it now? Dear Will. I went to the Christadelphian meeting & I have become very impressed, but of course I shall wait until you come back as I want you to know about also, I really want to do what is right. Now here is another little point, in your letter you say you have not much time to write & you wish me to remember you to your people. I cannot do that Will, I shall feel as though I am taking all your time for writing to me so often. I think they feel it already, so please rather than not find time to write to them, I would rather you sent me perhaps a letter less and send one to them oftener. I hope dear you understand my feeling, for you know, I appreciate all the letters as heartily as you do mine. That’s all I have to cheer me up now, but still I do not want to occupy all your spare time for writing. Do not forget the Harvest Festival is this Sunday, so don’t leave it until the last minute if you decide to write to Mr Chapman. It is a strange thing for me to do, but I dreamt about you last night, you were up on a short leave, and I remember you said to me, “Emmie, I am going to the Swimming Baths this afternoon, so I shall not see you before I go. (and I had had the time off too) and you left me with just an ordinary ta ta. There is first other little thing I have been thinking of, I always used to look for the little cross in the top corner of your letters, lately, I have noticed its absence, you have not forgotten, have you Will?, it is not necessary to put that cross perhaps, but do tell me if you still think of what I said every night just the same. I do hope you get sufficient to eat, but you will let us know won’t you if you do not. Well my dear boy, I will conclude now, with best love from your ever loving sweetheart

Emmie xxx


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