Bandsman W Metcalfe 46534, Colchester
Dearest Emmie

Thanks for letter received this afternoon. Although the work is harder now I don’t think it effects me much. I am still the same “Will”. Things do seem to be looking up lately and I hope the war is over before Christmas. I did not go to Mr Humes to tea after all; he was called away to a military hospital and so I am going to his place later on. I went to the R.C. Church last week just to see what it was like. It was a grand service and the sanctuary was beautiful and lit up with about 100 electric lights and 20 candles. Most of the service was said in Latin but I followed it in English. The only thing I can’t get on with is praying to the saints to pray for us. No wonder G Ray gets home very frequently. I wish our batt. had gone to Wimbledon as it was supposed to some time ago. I don’t think we will have any manoeuvres this week; the wether is too bad. I don’t know for certain; we have drawn our waterproof sheets. I was not going to tell you in case you are disappointed but I am going to try for a week end this week but it is ten to one whether I get it or not. I hope the Mission keeps up: I would not like to know that it had to close. I do dream about you. The other night I dreamt that I fell in love with E.V! I don’t know why and after a little while I found out my mistake and did not like asking you to go with me again. But it was all a dream. I do not like these dark evenings much but I have to put up with them. I am sitting on a box writing this and another boy wants the box to sit on it to write a letter so I will have to conclude. I hope this cutting is sufficient for you to go by and if I come home Saturday I will be able to thank you properly. I now conclude

My very Best Love



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