16, Tiber St
Dear Will

In answer to your, thanks for the drawing. I wondered whatever it was, very lifelike too I must admit. I hope you are in no immediate hurry for the gauntlets, I went to the Scotch Wool stores this afternoon after work and they were closed when I arrived but I will hurry along when I get the wool, in the meantime if your hands are getting very cold, the only suggestion I can offer is, that you get someone with warm hands to hold yours, rather an economic suggestion don’t you think? I think I must consider that during this war time too and it will save me buying gloves.

It has been bitterly cold to-day red noses are becoming more popular now, I am meeting them by the dozens. Is it right you are going to have more money? That will make you 7/- per wk, irrespective of what your Mother receives won’t it? You will be getting quite wealthy sure on that. I suppose you will want to save now. I read in the papers to-night “German Navy Mutiny”, sounds healthy doesn’t it, also that typhus hunger is breaking out over several parts of Germany, so things seems a bit ruffled in the Faderland. Did you know that when those recent Air Raids were on, we had the mobile guns up and down the streets? They were along Copenhagen St I think, but I know for certain they were along Barnsbury. Guns are going to be run along the Railways for the next raid. “Some Barrage” we have got for the Bing Boys on their next visit, but I pity our hearing after it is all over. I hope you are able to get the week-end, let me know if you possibly can in case I happen to be going anywhere, for I suppose you would like to see me for a few minutes if you came home.

I went to Mr Rolfe on Monday. I think he is a very clever fellow, but I do not care for him very much. I noticed the photographs of some good old English gentlemen on the wall, bearing the names of Ernst, etc. I prefer “Horace” myself, sounds more British don’t you think? I do not know now exactly how you managed to remain in the band. I thought it consisted of unfit, and you are a fitun (no remarks please) so will you tell me? Well I shall be closing now I think and get on with a very interesting story I have commenced. It is about a solider in France who loved his girl so much and was always thinking of her, and constantly had her in his mind through all the horrors of the battle he was in, and he got shell shock and was sent to a hospital, and when he was a little better he could not bear his girl near him, he simply would not see her, you see she brought back to him all he had been through as her image had been with him through all the terrors of the battle, so you see I am anxious to know how it all ends, rather sad don’t you think, but as I read it, it seems very feasible the way it is explained , however, things like this, they say, must be after a famous victory, so I will conclude now with fondest love to my dear boy. x

Emmie x


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