Bandsman W.M. 46534 Colchester
Dear Emmie

Thanks for the letter. I am answering it just before I go on parade tonight. We are on night operations from 8 o’clock till 9.30 this evening. Sorry I have nobody’s warm hands to hold. The boys faint with cold and want of something to eat here. It is bad after Aldershot. I am properly fed up, or else I would not mention this. I heard that all leave was stopped only in the case of serious illness can it be granted. I will let you know if I get this week end or not.

Fancy you mentioning saving out of 7/- a week. If they give us seven shillings this week I think we will spend it buying our own food. I don’t think too much importance can be attached to the revolt in the German Navy it would not take much for us to revolt here.

Last year when the Zepps were over London the mobile anti aircraft guns were up and down York Rd. What has Mr Rolfe given you to practice? How is Bertram getting on? I have not played in the band since last Sunday but we can be in the band as long as we are fully trained. We are going through gas tomorrow with helmets on; it is not much, it is weak, and we are only in it ten minutes. I am also reading a tale of a man who is going to die a batchelor but through the influence of some woman I think he marries in the end. These rifles which we have are all breaking. It would be rather dangerous if we had to use them in France.

I will close now as I have to get ready for parade.

With Best Love

From your sweetheart

Will xx


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