Bandsman W.Metcalfe 46534 Colchester
Dear Emmie

In answer to yours of the 13th; I am sorry you had to wait in Saturday evening but you know that I was not certain until 12 o’clock Sat.

I thank you very much for the parcel received this afternoon; I have tried of the rolls and they extreemly satisfy my taste thank you. I don’t suppose I will want to take revenge after anything from the contents of that box. I have been to the pictures tonight and have left it rather late in writing this. I will be able to make some Oxo before going to bed tonight; we have a fire and plenty of water.

Fancy that policeman visiting you at such an early hour: What was you conversation. I guess it turned you a bit didn’t it. It just shows you what muddlers the English are. I bet such a thing wouldn’t occur in Germany. I don’t want you to think that I am a pro-German but you know what I mean. I have just remembered to say that I was not cross with you when I wrote last. What made you think so? I went through (Axphyxiating) poisonous gas last Sat. with a gas mask on and I was not layed out. There were no casualties. I am in the Christian Science place writing this and it is just on closing time.

I will endeavour to write you a much longer letter next time my little dear. How I wish I was with you now! I wouldn’t be thinking of going home now 9 o’clock. See how I am improving. Well I will now conclude

With Best Love

Your Will xx


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