Bandsman W Metcalfe 46534, Band Room No 5, 256 Infantry Battn, Goojerat Barracks, Colchester
Dear Emmie

Thanks for letter received this afternoon. I should think there is going to be some heavy gun-fire on the event of another raid, but still I hope that the weather makes it unfavourable for the “Bing Boys” as you called them once, to visit England. If ever “those” times come again I hope I will be able to make as good, if not a better impression than I made before. Now it is too late I realise the precious minutes I used to loose.* I am glad to hear that you are getting on at Mr Rolfs’, what pieces has he put you on? do I know any of them. I went to the pictures last Saturday [* You once said I was rather slow] and they were not good so I went to another Tuesday to counteract it. Charlie G. Is getting on fairly well but he will persist in reading my library just when I want it. I have a very interesting book, I don’t know whether I told you before but it is “Harry Coverdale’s Courtship”. It has been fairly fine today here. Yesterday we went on a route march in the rain and I didn’t like it much but we all got through it. I with the help of C.G. enticed one boy to fall out as he has weak ankles. He came back and got off all todays parades and in the end I think he will be reduced to B. or C2; I hope he is for his sake. I got a new pair of boots this evening and I think they will be comfortable when they are worn in a bit. We are going on a long route march tomorrow so I will have to wear my old boots or I shall be foot-sore. We are being transferred into another Brigade tomorrow so I suppose we will soon be moving again. I don’t believe soldiers ever stay in the same barracks more than two or three months, I think they get too settled. It is pay day again tomorrow so we will all be expecting our extra money. Have you spoken to E.V. lately and how is Maude going on. I hope you consider this a long letter. I have taken long enough to write it. Please remember me to your Ma and Pa and all the string of them and I will conclude by offering you my most sincere compliments or I will go one further and give you my

Best Love From Your Ever Loving Will xx


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