16 Tiber St
Dear Will

Merci beaucoup for letter. How did you enjoy the route march? Bertie Cranmer is again home on leave. I met him this dinner-time going to a theatre. C. Hill was home last week. I saw Evelyn last evening at G.F.S we speak now. Maude is getting on very well indeed, the winter pulls one back though so much. You seem to get to the pictures rather often, perhaps it is that you have an extra nice companion. It is a grand day today, only a wee bit chilly. I am going to get an overcoat this afternoon. Mr Rolfe has not given me any pieces yet. I have noticed you did not ask me if I was better yet or whether I had got rid of my cold, forgive me for reminding you but I cannot help thinking of these many things you are continually forgetting. By the way, at the foot of your letter you sent your compliments, what are these for? it sounds funny to me. I believe Will Mayne is at Eastbourne. Have you any idea where your next move is to be? Your mother is having a nice long holiday one thing, she will be out of next week’s joys, if there are to be any. I shall have to conclude now and commence tapping again, so will close with love from



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