Bandsman W Metcalfe 46534, Band Room No 5, Colchester
Dearest Emmie

I thank you very much for the gloves they “fit like a glove”. I am shure they will keep my hands warm this cold weather. You say it has been raining in London; although we are so near the sea the weather is very dry here. I see by the papers that the Zeps have started their old tricks again; I half expected a card from you this morning, but I dare say you are all spared again. I should think the French have put the “wind up” them by bringing five down. I wish they had been brought down in England. I am sorry I havn’t your last letter to hand so you will excuse me if I fail to answer any question you may have asked. I am sorry to hear you have a cold but please don’t think I “don’t care” because I care for you more every day while I am here and each night I think it is one day nearer peace. I hope you are not troubled with air raids during the period of this moon: I see it has started to show itself. How are you going on at the office; have you put in for that rise yet. How is Mr Clark going on with his girl. On Friday afternoon we were out from two till seven o’clock manoeuvering and when we got back the lights went out because of the air raid warning or I would have written before thanking you for the gloves. I started eating my ration before the order was given and was awarded one hours extra drill Saturday afternoon which I did not do. The other night some boys in A company had a free fight in their mess room over some soup so as punishment they had to go on a route march this afternoon; a thing never heard of before on a Sunday. They had been gone about ten minutes when they came to a hospital of wounded soldiers and shouted out they were doing extra drills. The boys in blue started hooting the officer till he turned back with the “wind up”. They do not have all their own way.

I now conclude

With Very Best Love Will xx


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