16 Tiber St
Dear Will

Glad the gloves fit alright. We had no air raid on Sat. or Sund. But I did not undress all night. I dreamt you were home again last night, but if it is as pleasant when you do come as what I dreamt, I hope you stay away, I found it hard to convince myself I had been dreaming when I awoke it seemed so real. Mr Warder enquired after you last evening, he is about the only person who ever asks after you, they are a funny lot, Mrs [Guynee] never dreams of asking me how you are, not that I want her too, but one cannot help noticing, however I expect you think I have always something to murmer about. I hear the soldiers in France are going to rebel if there are any more raids in England, it is the fault of the Govt. all over. Bert Cranmer is going to put in for a commission are you going to try again for leave & when are the 6 days you thought you were having coming off. I do not think you make a big enough effort. I guess some of the boys wangle a leave oftener than you. That was good about the route march, it took a peg out of the officers. Mr Clarke is still in the pink of condition but he tells me his love has waned a little. He had to shell out £3.3.0 for a new coat for his girl, he buys nearly all her clothes, so if his love does not wane his money will very soon, supposing I sent you all my bills, I guess I should have to go bare sooner, however we are not all alike are we? I am going to speak to Mr Hankin re my rise as soon as an opportunity arises, this evening most probably. I am going to evening classes tomorrow night, moon permitting, we only venture out on dark & wet nights now-a-days, sounds bad, but its true, quite shady characters we will become soon. a bomb was dropped in Piccadilly Circus & blew out the windows of Swan & Edgar’s big shop & neighbouring shops. The Zepps also visited Old Kent Rd. again, I think that is the nearest this time, better luck next time perhaps. Well I have to be returning to my toil now, so will close with fondest love,

Emmie xx.

I hope you will have leave for Xmas if you have to go without until I shall not mind. The war will be over March 17th 1918. Fact!


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