Bandsman W Metcalfe 46534, Band Room No 5, 52 Royal Sussex Regt, Goojerat Barracks, Colchester
Dear Emmie

Thanks for P.C. and letter. I am glad you had no trouble with the “war birds”. You stay in the Granary rather a long while; won’t they let you out until the “All Clear” blows? Do they blow bugles in the night. I would sooner be doing a “bit” by supporting you during air raids than playing at soldiers here. I hope the gun-firing did not break any of your Goss. I have thought of you this time; I have a little piece of “goss” in my pocket which I will send you soon. I must get some kind of a box so as it will not break. I suppose all the money E.C. will earn in the army will keep a fine house; we don’t hear any more of our extra money yet. What has G.H’s boy been doing to get a District-Court-Martial, I supposed she is ashamed of him. Do you mean by any chance mean that he has won the Distinguished Conduct Medal. Our Captain told us this morning that we can put in for leave without an excuse every eight weeks, so that will not be bad. I am very glad I had my leave last week because I look like a bald baby now: you guess why. I couldn’t dodge the barber this time; I was marched to him by a lance corporal. Emmie dear! you know I won’t run to get over the “pond” while I have vissions of you before my eyes. I am very sorry to hear of Billy Post going under, it must have been a shock for his mother. You have no need to send me down writing material thank you there is pleanty in Colchester and I know of a place where it is better quality. I now conclude hoping to hear from you by first post Monday morn

With Best Love Will xx


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